Never let your dreams down

Never let your dreams down

Owing to tremendous diversification in the fields of science and technology the demand for specialized personnel in various fields has also increased sharply. Since specialization is the byword of development it has become inevitable to go for further diversification in various fields. Consequently, newer academic courses have been initiated to lay a firm ground for it. However, we often tend to be tied  down to conventional courses. We are either unaware of the newly introduced courses or we are apprehensive about joining such courses. We are unaware of the job opportunities available through  such courses. As a result we begin to complain about lack of job opportunities.

I have tried to make a bird’s eye view of the vast academic field of . I have focused only  to the courses after 12th class as the students will learn about higher studies while they are undergoing their undergraduate courses..A checklist of various courses and a brief description of the important educational institutions are also given. A few sample question papers have also been added. Once the students get the awareness of a course which will suite their aptitude and desire they can collect further information regarding the institutions which offer the courses, job opportunities, duration of the course fee structure etc. I hope that my attempt will help the students in some way or other.


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